Hur man läser wikileaks dokument

Jo, mycket avslöjanden, men vad hjälper det om man inte kan läsa vad det står?


ACF - Anti-coalition forces
ACR - Armored cavalry regiment
AGL - Above ground level
AIF - Anti-Iraqi forcesA
AMZ - Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
AO - Area of operations
AP - Anti-personnel
AQI - Al-Qaeda in Iraq
ASR - Alternate supply route
AWT - Air weapons team
BCT - Brigade combat team
BDA - Battle damage assessment
BITT - Border Iraqi training team
Blue-blue - "Friendly fire" between coalition forces
CAS - Close air support
CAV - Cavalry
CCIR - Commander's critical information requirements
CF - Coalition forces
CIV - Civilian
CO - Company Cordon and knock Cordoning off an area and searching it for insurgents or weapons
CP - Checkpoint
CWIA - Civilian wounded in action
DET - Detonation, or detained
DMG - Damage
DOW - Died of wounds
EFP - Explosively formed penetrator
EOD - Explosive ordnance disposal
FMC - Fully mission capable
FOB - Forward operating base
FRAGO - Fragmentary order
FWCAS Fixed-wing close air support
GOI - Government of Iraq
Green-green - "Friendly fire" between Iraqi forces
GSW - Gunshot wound
HE - High explosives
HHQ - Higher headquarters
HMMWV - High mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicle (Humvee)
IA - Iraqi army
IBP - Iraqi border patrol
ICW - In coordination with
ID - Infantry division
IDF - Indirect fire
IED - Improvised explosive device
IIP - Iraqi Islamic Party
IN - Infantry
ING - Iraqi national guard
INJ - Injuries
IO - Information operations
IOT - In order to
IP - Iraqi police
ISI - Islamic State of Iraq
ISO - In support of
ISP - Iraqi special police
ISR - Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
IVO - In the vicinity of
IZ - Iraq/Iraqi
JAI - Jaish al-Islami
JAM - Jaish al-Mahdi
JSS - Joint security station
JTJ - Jama'at al-Tawhid w'al-Jihad
KIA - Killed in action
KLE - Key leader engagement
LN - Local national
LOAC - Laws of armed combat
MAG - Magazine
MAM - Military-aged male
MAS - Muqtada al-Sadr
MEU - Marine Expeditionary Unit
MITT - Military intelligence training team
MOI - Ministry of Interior
MP - Military police
MRAP - Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle
MNFI - Multi-National Forces (Iraq)
NEU - Neutral
NFI - No further information
NFTR - Nothing further to report
NSTR - Nothing significant to report
OBJ - Objective
PAX - Persons
PB - Patrol base
PBIED - Person-borne improvised explosive device
PID - Positive identification
POC - Point of contact
POETT - Port of entry training team
POO - Point of origin
PPE - Personal protective equipment
PTL - Patrol
QJBR - Tanzim al-Qaid'at al-Jihad fi al-Balad al-Rafidayn
QRF - Quick reaction force
RPG - Rocket-propelled grenade
RDX - Research Department Explosive
RPT - Report
RTB - Return to base
RTE - Route
RWCAS - Rotary-wing close air support
S2 - Brigade-level intelligence
SAF/SAFIRE - Small arms fire
SIGACT - Significant action
SITREP - Situation report
SOI - Sons of Iraq
SVIED - Suicide vest improvised explosive device
TF - Task force
TTP - Tactics, techniques and procedures
VBIED - Vehicle-borne improvised explosive device
UI - Unidentified
UNK - Unknown
USACE - US Army Corps of Engineers
UXO - Unexploded ordnance
VEH - Vehicle
VIC - Vicinity
WIA - Wounded in action


Andra om wikileaks, julian assange. Intressant?

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