Carl Zappas Gym Sock

Vladimir Sovetov: Good. But still there are one of the best Frank live albums were you, Mr. Carl Zappa, so to say mentioned on stage? I mean ROXY and Elsewhere? Were you in the audience or backstage? What's the story and the meaning of "Carl Zappa's socks" line. And is it still damp?-)

Carl Zappa: Yes, the socks were mine. I was in the audience. Before Frank went on stage, he said he needed a pair of white gym sox and he asked me if he could have mine. He had it planned out beforehand.

Källa: Arf.ru

Frank Zappa från Roxy and elsewhere: The evil dope pusher... is cutting up a white gym sock... formerly owned by Carl Zappa and still damp... The shredded sock will be placed inside of a high school diploma and ignited with a sulphur preparation...

Frank Zappa lär ut vad man bör röka.. :)

ARF har MÅNGA roliga svar på vad zappas låtar handlar om. (arfs låtindex)

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Henrik Sundström sa...

Vilken fantastisk historia! :-)