Vem är den röv-huvade astronomen, och vad har han med apple att göra?

Fint fynd från wikipedia.

In 1994, Apple code-named the Power Macintosh 7100 "Carl Sagan" after the astronomer and science popularizer. Though his name was only used internally as a homage to his work, the code-name might not have caused any problems if Apple hadn't also released models codenamed "Cold Fusion" and "Piltdown Man" at the same time — implying that Carl Sagan was a hoaxer. The astronomer was upset at being compared to what he considered pseudoscience and sued. Although Apple won the suit, they changed the internal codename to "BHA." When Sagan learned that this meant "Butt-Head Astronomer," he instigated a libel suit. Apple claimed the right to free speech under the First Amendment and again won. This prompted Apple to change the codename for the 7100 again to "LAW," known internally as meaning "Lawyers Are Wimps.

Vem har sagt att nördar är socialt kompetenta? :)

Andra om Carl Sagan, Apple. Intressnat?

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